Here's what critics are saying about OVERNIGHT SENSATION!

"Overnight Sensation was utterly entertaining! I picked it up off my desk to skim for a minute and the next thing I know, I'm sitting on the couch really invested in Jonah's story. Fans of other YA novels featuring music will really enjoy this one. Four stars! "   Sandra,

"The ideas for this book are awesome. I had no idea how it was going to end, how it was going to be resolved - if it was going to be resolved. The characters are all interesting and worth sticking around for. I loved how the boys used sarcasm too - some parts are just LOL hilarious!"                     Zoe Crook,

"Overnight Sensation hooks you from the first paragraph and takes the reader on a wild, bumpy ride."  Tammy Dahle,

"This book is perfect for any reader…boy or girl…young or old. I would definitely let my daughters read this one if they wanted to. And it is one I recommend to any music lover. The author writes a story that is full of heart and I just know you are going to enjoy it. Pick up Overnight Sensation and you will know what I mean." Mandy,

"I am literally sitting here typing this review and nodding my head about how happy I was to pick up this book." Chayse Sundt -

"Overnight Sensation is definitely one of the few books that somehow managed to get me reading the whole book in one sitting. Overnight Sensation has people that you'll empathize with and desperately want to know more about. I totally fell in love with them; their quirks, their humors, their interactions, their passions,.....Hal, well done!" Naadir Idrus,

"I burst out laughing about half the time. The characters were awesome and developed quite nicely throughout the book, even the school bully turned out to be rather cool." Daniela -

"It definitely wasn't what I expected. It had all sorts of turns I didn't expect. I really do love the characters and their personalities."

"This is a book that, in my opinion, should get more attention, because I am sure anyone who will pick it up will be laughing out loud, just like I did."  Lana -                                                                                                         

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