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Dec 11, 2017

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As I checked my daily email, searching for something from the radio station, I began to believe that perhaps Jess was right. Maybe Tim Ronston was just being nice to a listener and that was the end of that. I decided to take a break from worrying and clicked on my pathetic Facebook page. There were a dozen friend requests from people I didn’t know. Girls from our school, pretty girls, popular girls. Was this some kind of joke? Not that I was complaining. My guess was they were part of Jess’s babe patrol and were just trying to get to him through me. I decided to pull up Theresa Thompkins’ Facebook page. How depressing. She had over eight hundred and fifty friends, and I wasn’t one of them. I held my breath as I boldly decided to befriend her and ask to be number eight hundred fifty- one. How pathetic.


I didn’t give it much thought about the strange requests, or even my friending Theresa, until later on Friday. As I sprinted to my locker and made a wide turn down the C Hall, I ran into her, literally. Like two small planes in a mid-air collision, my foot went under hers and forced us both to the floor. Her books and papers went flying everywhere. Pain mixed with pleasure as I lay there in a pile of beautiful arms and legs.


“Geez! Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” she asked, as she attempted to push me off of her. Then miraculously, she recognized me.


Jonah?” she asked, rubbing her forehead.

“Seems like whenever we get together, people fall down.”


“Yes, especially me. Um, you can get off of me now.”


“Hey, any contact is better than no contact at all.”


Yes, I said that out loud.


“Say what?”


“You seem to be in a hurry,” I said, helping her up.


“Yeah, my mom’s picking me up today. “What’s your excuse?”


Think. Think.


“I’m going to this place.”


Oh, that was brilliant.


“Hey, I meant to tell you, I talked to this guy, um, Jess Taylor.” “Oh, you know Teffy?”


“Teffy? Who’s Teffy?”


“That’s what I call Jess because no matter how bad of a mess he gets into, he always slides out of it.


Blank stare.


“Like Teflon, Teffy, get it?”


Now she was looking at me like I was from the planet Krypton.


“See, he calls me Joman, which makes sense, since my name is Jonah. Jonah, Joman, not much of a stretch there, but see, I don’t mind being called Joman, or Jonah for that matter, cause, well, that’s my name so, technically I guess Joman isn’t really a nickname at all, is it?”


Get a grip, Jonah! Must use real sentences!


“But uh, yeah, Jess is my best friend. He sure is. So... eh, what were you saying?”


“He mentioned you guys were forming a band and it sounded pretty cool.”


What? Crap! Come on mouth, work!


“He did, did he?”


“Yes, and he said I could come over and watch you guys practice on Saturday,” she said, her piercing blue eyes making me feel a little dizzy.


“Wait, what? You mean come over—over?”


“Yeah, hang out with the band, applaud and scream a lot. I could be your first groupie,” she said, smiling.

Pinch me, someone.


“Wow, that sounds really great, but our practices are kind of boring,” I said.


“I don’t know. I think it would be fun watching you guys learn the songs, practice the vocals, and stuff like that.”


How about watching us learn how to play?


“Say, I noticed you friended me on Facebook.”


“Oh, um, yeah, I did. That’s okay, right? Cause if you don’t want ...”


“Cool. Okay, well, see you on Saturday, Joman,” she said, twirling around and strutting away, her long blond hair swishing back and forth.


As I watched her mesmerizing form drift out of view, I stood there, stunned at what had just occurred, while trying to get my heart to stop pounding. First of all, I’d actually had a real conversation with Theresa Thompkins, not a coherent one, and I did have to knock her down in order to do it. Still, I was feeling pretty damn good. That was, until I realized I had just told her it was okay to come over and watch our fake band. My guess was she only wanted to come over to be around Jess. But still, it was a great Theresa moment.


Rushing home, I threw my backpack against the wall, flopped down on my bed and rewound the conversation in my head. It was then I decided that if I had any chance with her, I was going to have to confront Jess and find out if he had any feelings for her as well.





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