Who should play the parts in the Overnight Sensation movie?

Aug 31, 2012

Drake Bell as Josh - hey, he's even got the guitar!
For Jonah's best friend, Jess, otherwise known as Teffy, I imagined the part to be played by William Mosel.
The role of Bart, the guy who started it all by sending Jonah's dad's song to the station and claiming it was his band he called, Hitstreak, I thought of Nathan Kress for the part.
Michael Cera would be perfect as Kyle, another friend and band member who tries to score with girls, but has trouble getting any of them to notice him once they discover Teffy.
When I saw this actor, Jareb Dauplaise, on TV, it hit me like a brick that he would be perfect to play Buford, or Gozzy - as in Godzilla, which is what everyone calls the school bully at Applecrest High, but not to his face. I also put his mug in the book trailer - so perfect don't you think?
And who should play the evil media mogul who tries to muscle in on Hitstreak's success? None other than one of my favorite actors of all time, William (James T. Kirk) Shatner. Mr. Shatner, if you're reading this, (yeah, right) please sign up for this project!

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When writing the book, it helped to visualize who I thought could play the character's parts in the movie version.      Yeah, I know, I'm jumping the gun here, but actually, I've had a few people express interest in turning Overnight Sensation into a theatrical release. So... for Jonah, I imagined Drake Bell. At least, in this picture he looks like how I invisioned Jonah would be.

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