Dec 11, 2017

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During our time together, we played various nightclubs and corporate parties. One of those corporate events was for a major copier company that had hired other tribute bands and artists like us as well as look-alikes including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and more. For our part of the show, they had put up a giant screen and had us set up behind it. When the time came for us to perform, they played the old clip of Ed Sullivan on the screen announcing: "Ladies and gentlemen, here are... The Beatles!" Then the screen came up, the sound of girls screaming came through the speakers, the lights came on, and we played four songs including, "All My Loving", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Baby You Can Drive My Car", and "She Loves You". Then they had us walk around the crowd of around ten thousand people while talking in fake Liverpool England accents. If you promise not to laugh, I'll post some other pics later.

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