Jul 6, 2012

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Today's music is, for the most part, rather good. And I've got a pretty broad range when it comes to what I like to listen to from pop to rock to (some) country. I do draw the line at screamo bands though, just can't listen that. But what really gets me are the way radio stations force certian artists down your eardrums. Then they make you hear the same songs over and over again until even if you liked them at first, pretty soon you can't stand to hear them anymore. Then again, I guesss that's what mp3 players are for. And there's so many other ways to discover new music as well. For example, I recently watched a band on David Letterman - Silversun Pickups out of L.A. play a song called, "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)" that was pretty cool. I guess you just gotta search around to find what you like. I'm just glad there are so many alternative places to discover music other than the radio. If you've got a band or artist you're hot on, post a link here and share the wealth.

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