Jul 3, 2014

It's On! Book Giveaway going on now!

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Get on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15725127-overnight-sensation and enter to win a signed copy of OVERNIGHT SENSATION! Going on now through March 9th. (Also included: some great swag!)

Oct 7, 2013

What Else Does Hal Write?

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Actually, I write a lot of commercials - TV, radio, print, billboard, banners, you name it. If you'd like to see some samples, just go to: www.eisenbergagency.com.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll ten minutes good-bye.

Sep 20, 2012


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That's "Uh-Oh" as in the song by the band,

Junior Doctor. This is one of the songs I was playing while finishing the book. The lyrics are so right for Jonah's point of view about the girl of his dreams, Theresa Thompkins. Here's some of the lyrics:


"I've never been good with words

Well, at least not the sweet kind

Somehow when she's around

It's like I just lose my mind


And I know, I know I should just leave it alone

But I won't, I won't, I keep getting in my way

And my friends say I'm crazy

A girl like that would never go for a guy like me


I know, I know that I should listen to them

But I won't, I won't, I won't


And uh oh, uh oh, I get that feeling

And I don't know, don't know how she keeps stealing

All the air from my lungs

And leaving all the words stuck on my tongue


It's like I'm not even here

Ran me over as she walked by

Dust off my clumsy words

And bad pickup lines


And I know, I know that I can't leave her alone

And I won't, I won't, I try to work up the nerve

Hope to God I don't stutter

My thrown together letters never end up as words


And I know, I know I should leave it alone

But I won't, I won't, I won't


And uh oh, uh oh, I get that feeling

And I don't know, don't know how she keeps stealing

All the air from my lungs

And leaving all the words stuck on my tongue..."


Jonah could have written those words as awkward as his exchanges are with Theresa when he first meets her. And by saying awkward, I'm being kind.


BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Read a snippet from the book on the next page >>>>

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Sep 13, 2012


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Some people, after having read Overnight Sensation, have wondered - could the plot actually happen? Could a song accidentally get on a radio station's playlist and then get played all over the country? If you know about radio in today's world, you know that answer is yes! See, in the old days, radio stations were programmed by many different sources, including the DJs. Especially on some FM stations, disc jockeys had the ability to choose the songs they wanted to play. Some would even bring in their own records and share them with thier audience. As times changed, and radio stations were bought and sold and thousands became part of one or two particular giant media compaies, the idea of picking what got played on which stations became much more sophisticated as consultants and computers and big money got in the mix.

In Hitstreak's case, the song could have easily been added by the Program Director, Tim, from the local side. Then, without giving any of the plot away(!) it could have also been added to the playlist of radio stations all across the country by plugging it into the computer data base which programs the stations nationwide. Did you know that many shows you hear on your favorite radio stations are actually playing on other stations all across the country simultaniously? It's called syndication and due to it's lower cost verses having to program each and every station separately, it's become a standard in the industry. Know what else? Some of the DJs you hear on your favorite radio stations aren't even in your city. They're pre-recorded and then sent electronically all over the country along with the station's playlist. They even cut lines about your city and local events and send them along with the music to make it seem like they are there! And that's how HItstreak could have very well gotten into Meglomania's radio station's playlist and become an...Overnight Sensation. Could it have been prevented? Are there safeguards in the system to catch things like this? Sure. But remember, if someone of power wanted it to happen, they could make it happen. Read the book to find out more!

Aug 31, 2012


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Okay, true confession time. I was once in a Beatles tribute band called, The Fab Faux. Yes, that was really the name of the band. Now you gotta admit the guys playing Paul and John looked a lot like them. In fact, the guy that played Paul looked so much like him (he even played left handed bass like Paul) that everywhere we went, people would walk around him getting up the courage to talk to him. Many a time we'd be at restaurant or a mall and someone would approach him and say, "Do you know you look like..." and he'd cut them off immediately with, "Yeah, Paul McCartney, I know." And as much of a stretch as it was for me to take on Ringo's look, get a load of the bad wig on George! Great guitar player and singer though, so we had to have him in the band. Someday I'll post some audio clips of us playing. Bonus Trivia: The guys that played Paul and John are none other than the two who wrote the song used in Overnight Sensation, Every Little Bit Hurts. We played all kinds of gigs and had some wild experiences like...

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