Hal Eisenberg

Okay, true story. When I was a kid, my dad told me how he had played drums when he was young, and then he went out and bought a nice kit. Although I had taken guitar lessons for five years, I was really interested in his drums, and at age fifteen I “borrowed” that kit and set it up in my bedroom (he never saw it in one piece again). I would take my cheap-o, plastic stereo with the detachable speakers and set one speaker up next to each ear. Then I’d put my music on really, really loud and bash away. When my parents couldn’t take it any longer, I’d see the door of my room bending out, which was my dad banging on it as he yelled at the top of his lungs, “Shut it down son!”

I’ve been in many rock bands since then, including a band called, The Invaders (see the pic). We played mostly ‘60’s rock, as we were all huge fans of groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Searchers, The Ventures, The Animals, The Beach Boys, etc. A song I wrote while in that band called, "It’s A Mystery" actually got airplay. It was a thrill to hear it on the radio. I remember being in my car while at a stoplight when it came on and rolling down the window screaming excitedly to the cars around me, “Hey, Everyone! They’re playing my song!” They all looked at me with that, “What a tool” expression, which was probably well deserved. 

My career is in advertising – writing and producing radio, television, print, and online ad campaigns. However, writing books has always been my dream. Although it was hard work going from writing sixty-second spots to a full-blown manuscript, this book was a joy to write and I encourage every budding writer out there to pursue their passion. If you really want it, write what you know and love and go for it!

I’m currently writing my next book tentatively entitled, Number One – With A Bullet, which involves mystery, danger, and of course, Rock and Roll.

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That's Me...

The ultra-hip drummer. Yeah, right.


What happens when Jonah Levine, an underachiever who’s practically invisible at high school, becomes a rock and roll megastar due to a stupid prank? Find out in Overnight Sensation, the new novel by Hal Eisenberg.